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Annika Wessmark was born in Sundsvall, Sweden. She used to work as a dentist but has also worked on a cultural department of a municipality. From early age she has been a person who needs to create and make art. She had her first solo show in 2004 and is a member of The Swedish Artists National Organization and IAA International Association of Art.  She has no longer formal art education.

Her earliest fascination in the world of art was realism but she has also been interested in more narrative and imaginative art. In recent years, her painting style has returned to realism and her greatest inspiration and teacher for the last five years is her husband, photorealist painter Johannes Wessmark, which she has been working side by side with for nearly 6 years.

Her favorite subjects during the past year have been women who are in their own little world, a world that she had previously expressed in her more narrative art. Now, the viewer must provide that piece, add their own experience and thoughts to her paintings and may thus themselves become part of the painting.