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Julio Hernandez, Self-taught sculptor, born in Mexico City on July 2, 1973. As a teenager discover the pleasure of plastic arts, particularly sculpture. At age 17, he begins the adventure as a helper in a workshop of artistic foundry where he learns the process and secrets of sculpture until it becomes a fascination, at age 18 he made his first sculptures and integrates to Sunday's exhibitions at Garden of Art, continuing their journey at various foundries, learning as much as he can. That takes him to a greater sculpture understandig. What started as an adventure is today his way of life.

His favorite subjects are Don Quixote, considered a teaching book of life, he sees the bull and horse as fascinating animals besides the beauty of female body. Although he has ventured on other themes. The adventure started as a teenager continues today and his artwork arrives to Divart Art Gallery with character, personality and continuous growing.

Some customers who have used his work as a trophy are:

  • Asociación Nacional de Criadores de Toros de Lidia (ANCTL).
  • Asociación Nacional de Especialistas Fiscales A.C. (ANEFAC).
  • Academia Mexicana de Derecho Fiscal.
  • Instituto Nacional de Nutrición.
  • Archivo General de la Nación.
  • Gobierno del Estado de Campeche, entre otras.